We collaborate with key groups who have a passion for the transformation of Delhi.


    We create innovative holistic solutions to the environmental, economic, and educational issues facing Delhi.


    We connect the most vulnerable of Delhi to a new generation of emerging leaders to enrich and empower each other.


    We celebrate the transformation.


We seek a Resurgent Delhi where people are empowered, educated,
environmentally conscious and leading economically sustainable life.
We seek an Empowered Delhi where

• Understanding their identity and purpose, people are both fulfilled and

We seek an Educated Delhi where

• People are employable because they have received education and training
• People can and do read

We seek an Environmentally conscious Delhi where

• People take ownership of the attitude, appearance and safety of their city,
   homes, and self.
• Art and beauty are encouraged and expressed

We seek an Economically sustainable Delhi where

• There is a job opportunity for everyone
• Our dependence on each other is celebrated

Work Style

Building Bridges:

From the very beginning, one of the key components of Catalyst was relationship.

Seeking opportunities to spend time with them where they are with an intention to develop relationships that are non judgmental in nature.

Therefore catalyst designed and built bridges on the islands of the rich/middle class and those on the margins.

We Connect With 


President of Leadership Foundation
Leadership Foundations (LF) envisions that every city has the potential to be a playground rather than a battleground

- a community characterized by growth, opportunity, safety, love and joy. Critical to this vision is contextual, relevant and connected leaders and organizations all over the world working for the social and spiritual renewal of their city. LF believes that by cultivating better leaders, we create better cities and a better world.

Clif Davidson

Vice President Young Life Asia Pacific
Young Life considers it an honor to partner with Catalyst as we seek to impact kids across Delhi and N. India.

We started to dream together about the city four years ago, and we have come to deeply respect the entire team of this strategic organization. It is clear they have a deep love and care for the young people of this city, and they have taught us much about the needs of the young.

Jim De

Chief Coordinator CYM
Catalyst is a light in this darkness, that brings hope to some young people, especially girls.

who are devastated from loss or financial poverty, leading them to a life of hope, direction and faith. Without such a beacon, so many young helpless girls would lose their future and their opportunities to a valuable life. Catalyst partners with CYM Network as a strong committed body, towards change, building bridges, and rejuvenating lost souls.

Our Partners